Indy’s Authentic Thai Food Restaurant

Indy’s Authentic Thai Food Restaurant

Thai Fusion, where your taste buds will bloom into the best authentic Thai cuisine.

Thai Fusion is a great place to enjoy the taste of authentic Thai cuisine. Come and satisfy your hunger with flavors of Thai Fusion’s succulent dishes. Indulge in the mild and spicy, savory dishes timely prepared for your enjoyment.

$4.95 Lunch Specials
$4.95 meal only; $5.95 with soda (no refills);
$6.95 with soda (free refills) and 1 Crab Ragoon
(11 am-3 pm only)

Vegetarian Dishes


Locally sourced and seasonably available foods

Been there four times with the family, since they opened on Feb.8,2013. The food is excellent, and freshly made. My recommendations would be the Curry dishes,fried rice with shrimp, pad Thai and the salads. You also get the choices on the hotness (1-5) which is excellent with the kids and they love it also. We will definitely keep going back. - Yelp: Scott